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Today's Specials
Occurs every day effective 09/17/2011 until 12/22/2099


please notify us if you have a food allergy

Soup of the Day: Pasta Fagioli 7

Traditional Tuscan pasta and beans soup

Appetizer: Burrata Cheese 12

soft mozzarella cheese and tomato appetizer

Appetizer: Polenta Gorgonzola 12

our own home made polenta covered with creamy gorgonzola sauce

Appetizer: Rice Balls 12

chopped meat stuffed, in a red sauce with creamy ricotta

Bowties w/ String Beans 13

sauteed in EV olive oil & garlic w. fresh tomato. Add chicken $3 or shrimp $5

Fusilli Dom & Vinnie 13

mushrooms & bacon in white cream sauce

Linguine Dominick 20

shrimp, scallops & whole clams sauteed in bianco sauce

Penne Ravello 16

chicken, shiitake mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil

Rigatoni Mama Maria 19

shrimp & broccoli in e.v. olive oil and garlic

Risotto w. Shrimp & Porcini Mushrooms 19

traditional safron infused aborio rice with shrimp & porcini

Cavatelli w/ Broccoli Rabe 16

sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Add chicken $3, sausage $3 or shrimp $5.

Chicken Calabrese 17

chicken topped w. prosciutto, eggplant, tomato and mozzarella

Pork Brasciole w. Rigatoni 24

stuffed pork cooked for hours in a thick tomato sauce: Get some!

Pork Chops w. Cherry Peppers & Potatoes 24

broiled chops in a light brown sauce w. hot peppers & potatoes

Filet of Sole & Shrimp Francese over capellini 22

sauteed in lemon, white wine sauce